Hair Removal


Hair Removal

Lycon Wax

WARM WAX – We offer a complete premium waxing system that is designed to make your waxing treatments easier. Virtually pain free. Superb results guaranteed. Lycon wax truly removes hairs as short as 1mm. Leaving the skin feeling like you haven’t been waxed.

The warm wax does not stick to your skin - only the hair. Especially great for intimate areas and face. Client feedback has been incredible - “once you try Lycon you never go back!”.

10% discount for three or more areas. For areas not mentioned please enquire.

Lycon areas:

Brazilian and Hollywood - £42.00

G-String Tidy -  from £25.00

Underarm - £16.00

Eyebrows - £15.00

Nasal - £6.00

Abdomen – from £6.00

Facial areas (Lip & chin) – £12.00 per area 

Strip Wax

An excellent hygienic disposable strip wax for fine haired areas.

PhD areas:

Full Leg - £30.00

Three quarter leg - £25.00

Half leg - £20.00

Back or chest – from £25.00 (lycon may be used

Forearm - £20.00

Full arm - £25.00

Eyebrows - £13.00

Lip - £10.00

Ask for Emma

Brazilian - £25.00

Hollywood - £30.00


Hair removal using an ancient technique with thread. Excellent finish for your eyebrows and areas on the face (especially downy hair).

Threading - £15.00

Thread and tint - £21.00